Ben Browder – Bio, Wife, Kids, Family, Net worth, Is he gay?

Ben Browder is an American writer, actor, and film director whose family life has defied what has become the norm in the American Hollywood community. He has been married to just one woman all his life, with no separation/divorce attempts, marital scandals and any other anomalies common to many Hollywood families hanging around his neck. Despite having a decent family life, there are some words out there that Browder could probably be gay. Is that true and/or have you formed an opinion about it? See what we know below with facts to back it up. Additionally, you will get a brief synopsis of the actor’s background, career and net worth.


Robert Benedict Browder was born on December 11, 1962 in Memphis, Tennessee but was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina by his parents, who were auto racers and owners.

There is no record of Ben Browder’s childhood life like what he liked, who his playmates were and so on. However, we do know for sure that he attended Myers Park High School in Charlotte before enrolling at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, where he earned a degree in psychology.

In college, he played American football as a linebacker and was part of a winning team. Although familiar with the sport, Browder had no intention of turning pro, nor did he follow the path of his parents who were involved in auto racing. After graduating from college he moved to London where he enrolled at the Central School of Speech and Drama to study classical acting.

Ben Browder’s first recorded film work was his role as Gates in the 1978 film titled Duncan’s World. He then starred in other productions such as Memphis Belle (1990), Killer Inside (2004), Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012; as Max) and Bad Kids at Crestview Academy (2017; Max and also a director). On television he has had the honor of appearing in works such as The Twilight Boys (1992; as Tyler Clare), Justice League Unlimited (2005), Arrow (2013-2014; as Ted Gaynor) and Criminal Minds (2018; as Police Commissioner Steve Gaines).

Ben Browder’s family – wife, children

While studying at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, Ben Browder found his missing rib in the person of Francesca Buller. Francesca is an English actress who was born on January 20, 1964 in Great Britain. She is most notable for starring in The Face of Fu Manchu and the Australian-American science fiction television series Farscape (2000-2004). Her acting career dates back to 1989 when she first landed the role of a nurse in She Was Gone, a British television drama. Over the years, Buller has added more film credits to Fever and Duped (both 1991), These Secrets and Chaplin (1992), Kiss of a Killer (1993) and Heat Stroke (2008).

Browder and Buller married sometime in May 1989 and have remained married ever since. Over the course of their married life, the couple starred together in Farscape , where Browder starred as an American astronaut named John Crichton, while his wife played several guest roles on the series. At the time, they were already parents with two children and were forced to move to Australia as a family after the series was produced.

The couple has revealed little information about their children. Other than that there are two.

Is he gay?

Responding to this question as soon as possibleAfter an answer, we can say with confidence that Ben Browder is not gay. He became a subject of gay rumors after the character he plays on TV quickly changed his demeanor. Some people who felt gay shared their suspicions and started the rumor.

However, the talented actor has repeatedly denied all rumors that he is gay, claiming that he is a straight man. This is further reinforced by the fact that Browder is married to a woman and has never dated a man or done anything remotely.

Wealth (income and earnings)

With a career that began in 1978 and has continued to this day, Ben Browder has certainly earned a lot of respect in the film industry and has been involved in many film and television productions. The actor has a net worth of $3 million which has been reliably reported by various authorities. Of course, with more acting projects, his net worth would grow considerably, albeit not by leaps and bounds.

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