Avan Jogia – Facts About Bio and Celebrities, Ethnicity, Girlfriend and Family Life

Like many in Hollywood, Avan Jogia started his career at a young age. He is easily recognized for his role as Beck Oliver on the Nickelodeon show Victorious or as Danny Desai on the thriller show Twisted. When the actor launched his career in 2006, he built an impressive career for himself. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Avan Jogia


This actor, singer and activist was born to Mike and Wendy Jogia on the 9th of February 1992 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He also has a brother named Ketan Jogia who is a music producer based in London.

Growing up, Avan attended Killarney Secondary School before transferring to King George Secondary School in Vancouver. At the age of 17, in his tenth grade, he decided to gamble full-time by traveling to the United States. Before he left, his parents gave him an ultimatum that if he didn’t get another role in Hollywood, he would return to Vancouver after six months and continue his education.

Luckily, after arriving in Los Angeles, California, he landed significant roles that allowed him to stay in Hollywood.

ethnicity and family life

Avan Jogia is originally from Canada but comes from a multicultural ethnic background. His father is Indian-British of Gujarat descent, his mother is British-German of Irish, Welsh and German descent. It is said that some of her descendants from his mother’s side migrated to Canada from the United States of America generations ago.


His first television film was for the film A Girl Like Me: The Story of Gwen Araujo Avan played the role of Danny Araujo, younger brother of Gwen Araujo. Avan gradually rose to fame with his recurring appearance as Sam on the CW show Aliens in America The same year, he also appeared in the Canadian horror film Devil’s Diary.

In 2008, he played Champ Sinclair in the Nickelodeon film Gym Teacher: The Movie opposite Christopher Meloni. In 2009 he played Tajid Kalyan in another Nickelodeon film Spectacular! , appears opposite Victoria Justice.

Avan Jogia rose to international fame when he landed a role on the Nickelodeon TV program Victorious He has been cast alongside celebrities such as Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies and more. He played the popular, handsome Beck Oliver who dated Jade West and was portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies. The show only lasted four seasons and was canceled in 2013

During his time at Victorious, he appeared in several films such as Triple Dog, Finding Hope, and Rags. Avan Jogia later landed a major lead role as alleged teenage killer Danny Desai on the ABC show. twisted As the main character, he appeared as Danny in all episodes of the series and received two Teen Choice Awards nominations for the role.

A fast-rising star, the actor landed the lead role of the eponymous pharaoh Tutankhamun in the miniseries Tut , which aired in 2015.

He has also appeared in I Am Michael, Ten Thousand Saints, Here Now, Shangri-La Suite, The Drowning , The Outcasts, The Year of the Spectacular Men, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The New Romance, and Paper Year


There were many rumors about Avan Jogia and hispersonal life. Most of these rumors have to do with him dating Ariana Grande, Keke Palmer, and Victoria Justice. However, he has only been in three confirmed relationships during his time in the spotlight. He had a brief relationship with Miley Cyrus in 2010 that lasted about a month before eventually going their separate ways.

However, his first serious relationship was with Zoey Deutch. Their relationship lasted from 2011 to 2017 before the two mutually decided to end the relationship.

Avan is currently in a relationship with Australian actress Cleopatra Coleman, best known for her roles in White and Last Man on Earth.

Celebrity Facts About Avan Jogia

1. An avid football fan, Avan Jogia supports London football club Arsenal.

2. He is multilingual and speaks French and Gujarati.

3. He is also a co-founder of the PSA organization Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN). His co-partners are Heather Wilk and Andre Pochon. According to Avan, this organization was formed to support the LGBT community and realign heterosexuals through the community.

4. He made his directorial debut in 2011 with the short film Alex , in which he also starred. In 2015 he directed the horror short film Of Dogs and Men with his mentor Sir Ben Kingsley.

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