Alyssa Bustamante – Bio, Wiki, Parents, Family, Where Is She Now?

Killers don’t always come dressed in serial killer garb and carrying a bag of guns with a trap in their face. Sometimes they come in unassuming packages. Just ask Michael Brandon Hill. In the case of Alyssa Bustamante, a heinous crime was committed by a minor with a troubled past.

Alyssa has always been on the wrong side of life from birth. And it took him down a path that involved hate, torture, suicide attempts and ultimately murder. In 2009, then 15-year-old Bustamante took the life of her 9-year-old neighbor Elizabeth and appeared to enjoy it. Here’s everything we know so far about the troubled girl’s childhood and current circumstances.

Bio of Alyssa Bustamante

The troubled kid was born on January 28, 1994, in Cole County, Missouri. Its history has been tortuous from the start. Alyssa, like many other teenage girls, is addicted to social media, but that’s where most of the similarities end.

His tendencies and general attitude made him a castaway. Even most of her friends were uncomfortable with her. During her teenage years, Alyssa Bustamante regularly posted on her MySpace, Facebook and Twitter sites. His messages were almost always awkward.

On her YouTube channel, she listed her hobbies, and they included killing people and cutting herself. True to her hobbies, the then teenager had attempted suicide several times. At the age of 15, she inflicted more than 300 injuries on herself.

She was eventually diagnosed as clinically depressed and took psychiatric drugs like Prozac to reduce her violent tendencies.

Weeks before she killed Elizabeth, Bustamante had become curious about what it would be like to take a life. As her best friend Jennifer would later tell the police, Alyssa had pulled her aside at a party and asked her the same question. Alyssa had also dug two graves in her garden, obviously in preparation for the murder. The macabre day occurred on October 21, 2009.

Nine-year-old Elizabeth Olten had gone to play with her six-year-old friend who lived down the street and happened to be Alyssa’s half-sister. On the way home, Alyssa called her on the phone and lured her to her place. She then took Elizabeth – who considered her a friend – into the woods where she killed her.

The teen kicked her, then she put her in a choke hold and strangle her. After that, Alyssa went further by cutting her wrists and neck and stabbing her repeatedly. She then dragged her body into the woods and buried her in one of the graves she had dug.

After the deed was done, she detailed the experience in her diary. In her entry, Alyssa Bustamante first admitted to being nervous and uncertain. She then wrote that she found the experience exhilarating and amazing.

After Elizabeth’s parents reported her missing, police first searched the neighborhood but found nothing. They traced Elizabeth’s mobile phone to the forest but still couldn’t find the body. However, due to her troubled and psychotic history, the teenager was one of the police suspects. They began to investigate her and soon found her diary and her entry regarding the murder. She then confessed to the murder and led them to the grave.

His parents and his family

Alyssa Bustamante was born into a chaotic situation. Both of his parents were drug addicts and teenagers at the time of his birth. Her parents are known as Caesar and Michelle. They were never around and she was raised by her grandparents.

Alyssa ‘s mother, Michelle was also an alcoholic and had a rap sheet that included theft and drug possession. Her father was already serving a 10-year prison sentence for assault at the time of Alyssa’s birth. The circumstances of his birth and early childhood contributed immensely to his traumatic experiences and eventual psychotic behavior.

Alyssa has two twin brothers whose names are unknown. She was posting stunt videos with them on her KamiKage YouTube channel. But one day she uploaded a disturbing video in which she grabbed an electric fence to convince her two younger brothers to do the same.

Where is Alyssa Bustamante now?

Although Bustamante had previously confessed to police, she pleaded not guilty which saw the case go to trial. She was charged with first degree murder and the court said that although she was a minor she would be tried as an adult given the gruesome and premeditated nature of the murder.

His trial began on January 30, 2012, two days after his 18th birthday. During the trial, Alyssa Bustamante had to be monitored around the clock as she showed signs of self-harm and depression.

The teenager pleaded guilty to second degree murder and possession of a weapon. During the trial, her grandparents, visibly overwhelmed by the situation, stood up beside her and left the courtroom, causing Alyssa to crumble. She issued a tearful apology to Elizabeth’s family and said she would give her own life if it brought the girl back.

At the end of the trial, the verdict handed down to him was a life sentence with the possibility of parole. The court, however, said that to qualify for parole, she would have to spend at least 35 years in prison.

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