Alphy Hoffman – Bio, Facts About Corey Feldman’s Alleged Sexual Abuse

Sadly, child sexual abuse has become the norm in the entertainment industry in recent years. People who came out and second-guessed their child abuse experiences saw names like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey come out in a very bad way. In 2017, Alphy Hoffman joined the long list of celebrities accused of their sex abuse sins.

Corey Feldman In recent years, Alphy Hoffman has committed some serious abuse cases. Feldman was at The Dr. Oz Show in November 2017 when he revealed that Alphy had abused him as a child actor in the 1980s. Here’s everything we know about the man who is Alphy Hoffman.

Alphy Hoffman’s bio

Unfortunately, Alphy had never been this famous before receiving bad press from the child abuse scandal. There is no information on his place and date of birth, family or education. However, he has a daughter. She was reportedly born in March 1992 or 1993. Her name is Jordan Aleris Wall and it is unclear who her mother is.

However, Alphy Hoffman has been in the industry for decades and has had a few roles as producer and casting director. In 1985, Hoffman served as casting director for the first season of the American-style series New Love. It featured stars like Anne Lockhart and Bob Saget. He then became a producer for three episodes of the second season of the TV series. A decade later, he restored the responsibilities of casting director to All My Children’s 25th Anniversary Offer (1995). He was a cast member in the 1996 comedy, Phat Beach.

Facts About Corey Feldman’s Alleged Sexual Abuser

1. Alphy was the owner of Alphy’s Soda Pop Club

Alphy’s Soda Pop Club was a venue for young teens until the ’80s. It was intended for actors under the age of 16 who wanted to chat, dance, drink sodas and party with their friends.

The club’s biggest appeal was that parental watching was a bit more than nonexistent and the soda was on the house. Feldman said he heard a lot about the place and decided to visit and loved it. Many famous teenage sensations were also regulars at the club at the time.

As Corey from Dr. Mehmet Oz was on his show for the second time and revealed Alphy Hoffman’s name as third on his list of molesters. dr Oz featured the image of a man on the show exposing Feldman to be Hoffman.

Alphy first met Corey when the actor was only 12 years old. He had gone to pick up Corey in his car and take him to the Soda Pop Club. Alphy was the son of Bobby Hoffman, who was then a famous casting director and one of the best of his time. Bobby has been responsible for casting popular shows such as Mork & Mindy and Laverne & Shirley.

Feldman reveals that being invited to a Hoffman party at the time was a career highlight for himself. But then it was beyond the euphoria that Alphy had come to pick you up himself. Things started out great, too, as Feldman reveals, but later took on a darker note. Hoffman managed and managed the club for three years, from 1986 to 1989.

2. Feldman wasn’t the only one talking about Alphy Hoffman

Corey Feldman’s testimony wasn’t the only thing the casting director had to fear. There was also the little thing from Feldman’s childhood best friend, Corey Haim . These two were teenage sensations of their day and since they shared the same first name, they were affectionately referred to as “The Coreys”.

It turns out Haim had done an interview previously in 2004 that cast a dark shadow over Alphy’s character. In the interview, Haim Hoffman described with some selected explanations. He was basically saying the casting director was far from a good person and had lost all respect for him. This interview was published by Vice in 2012 and helped make Feldman’s 2017 presentation much more credible.

The Coreys believe this was likely why Alphy’s club was structured to eliminate parental oversight.

3. Alphy Hoffman’s real name is not Hoffman

Initially, Feldman got on well with Alphy and saw him as “a really good bud.” It wasn’t until Feldman turned 14 that Alphy took advantage of the then-teenage actor. It was devastating for Corey. And to make matters worse, he found out that Alphy wasn’t Hoffman at all. His real name was Alphy Rivas. Also, he was Bobby Hoffman’s lover and not his son.

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