Allen Payne wife age son parents brother gay height

You know Allen Payne from Tyler Perry ‘s House of Payne where he was introduced as CJ Payne. The American actor who hit the screens in the 90’s is indeed one of the lovable characters of entertainment.

Aside from House of Payne, the actor is also known for a variety of other productions including New Jack City, a notable film from 1994. Telling more about him would mean going through his humble beginnings and his breakthrough in the industry.

Allen Payne’s bio, dude

Allen was born on July 7, 1968 in the Harlem area of ​​New York City. Allen Payne, who had an interest in performing as a young boy, struggled through success like most of his peers. After several attempts, he landed a role on television in 1990 when he starred on The Cosby Show He played several characters on the show, including that of Lance Rodman, Charmaine’s boyfriend.

His appearances on The Cosby Show drew more attention, and Allen continued to appear on Fresh Prince and Malcolm and Eddie His first film was Rooftops in 1989, where it also proved relevant and unique. He starred in a double platinum TV movie produced in 1999 and a TV series All of Us which aired in 2002.

This led him into the world of show business and he began acting in Hollywood films. Some of his films include The Perfect Storm (2000) , 30 Years to Live (2001) , Crossover (2006) and The Walking Dead (1995) The talented actor did his best in popularizing Tyler Perry’s House of Payne until 2012 when he left. He hasn’t been seen in a movie lately, but fans are very excited for a new movie starring Payne.

Payne effortlessly diffuses into each character, pulling off their unique performances. Al, as he is nicknamed, has captured the hearts of many movie lovers with his subtle yet fierce approach which has proven him to be quite brilliant.

parents, brother

He was born to his parents Allen Roberts father after whom he was named and Barara Reeves his mother. Growing up in an area like Harlem, which is notorious for its high crime rates, young Allen always got into trouble with the authorities because of his youthful exuberance. He was enrolled at Pennsauken High School in Pennsauken, where he completed his secondary education.

To keep his mind focused, his parents also wrote him for acting classes. After attending classes, his interest in the field grew tremendously and he decided to devote himself full-time to acting. He is an older brother of his two siblings whose names are not known. Allen is often credited by sources as the brother of Carl Anthony Payne II, who appeared on The Cosby Show as Theo’s friend “Cockroach”. But in reality they are not brothers.

wife, son

Allen Payne genuinely keeps his personal life private and has kept such details away from the prying eyes of the media. Because of this, there was conflicting information about his love life – whether he has a wife, or a child, or a girlfriend. The talented actor has been linked to Demetria McKinney, who is reportedly in a relationship with him.

Allen was also reported to have dated famous actress and singer, Tisha Campbell-Martin. He is rumored to be sharing a child with one of his girlfriends. However, the actor has not come out to confirm the truth of any of the above reports about him.

What’s more, he’s not married to anyone at the moment, although sources are still looking for more information.

Is Allen Payne gay?

For a celebrity with conflicting background information, such a question is expected. The American actor has everyone guessing about his sexuality due to the notoriously private nature of his lifestyle.

While some sources say he is married to a woman, others say he also has a son. But the deafening silence from Allen’s side on these issues has raised suspicions about his sexuality from many who perceive him as gay. However, his interviews have shown that he is in no way bothered by the rumours. The said rumors also in no way caused the actor to bombard the press with confirmations and confirmations about his sexuality.

His social media life is even more mysterious as the actor rarely writes anything about his personal life. He has never revealed anything (if ever) about his girlfriend and has lived a simple life on and off social media.

height and weight

Allen, who has black hair, is quite tall and has the right build to suit his career. With a height of 1.85 meters and a proportional weight, the actor would certainly have no problem playing a character.

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