Alexander Calvert – Bio, Parents, Age, Height, Movies and TV Shows

Canadian actor Alexander Calvert made headlines when he began playing Jack, son of Lucifer, on the hit CW series. Supernatural in 2017. Initially cast in a guest role, he was subsequently promoted to a series regular. He definitely didn’t come into the industry to warm benches, especially with new stars flooding Hollywood every year.

In any case, he has been around for a long time and has already put together an impressive catalogue. He has acted in credits in both films and television, including Bates Motel, and The Verge of Seventeen

It gets a bit difficult to keep up with the amount of stars that are steadily rising in the entertainment industry, we were able to find interesting and exciting details about Calvert. Here’s all the info you need to know about the Supernatural actor, from his age to bio, TV shows and movies to his height. Have fun while reading.

Alexander Calvert bio, dude

Alexander Calvert was born on July 15, 1990 in Vancouver, Canada; his birth sign is cancer. Not much is known about his early years, other than that he grew up alongside his younger sister, Rachel Calvert.

Based on his educational information, the actor didn’t illuminate that either. However, his love for the performing arts can be traced back to his early years, specifically his school days. After becoming interested in art, he enrolled in a musical theater and hip-hop dance class. However, by the age of 15, he seemed to have had a clearer picture of where his future would lead or what his strength would be. Calvert then became interested in acting and subsequently switched to his new passion.

After the necessary education and training, he made his television debut in 2005 ‘s The Death Zone and landed his first film role in the feature film Kickin’ It Old Skool two years later as a young Justin. In addition to acting, Alexander Calvert has also done commercials for brands such as Best Buy, General Mills, Kohl’s, Mattel, and Road Runner.

Career: Movies and TV shows

Year after year since his debut on the professional scene, Calvert has landed roles in both television series and films, although he has appeared in more television shows than films. Shortly after The Death Zone where he appeared in the Broken Circle episode as 12-year-old Greg Stillson, he landed another appearance on television in the detective comedy-drama series Psych in 2006.

In addition to his first film appearance in 2007, he has also appeared in two television films. Being Fat Like Me and Devil’s Diary While he did not appear in any other television works until 2010, he did have a starring role in the 2008 film Lost Boys: The Tribe Like Grom He made his television comeback with guest roles on both the Nickelodeon series The Troupe and the Fox action-drama series Human Goal

In 2012, Alexander Calvert had a starring role in Flicka: Country Pride and was also cast in the made-for-television film, Virtual Lies Calvert booked three acting credits in 2013, including the films Homesick and If I Had Wings, as well as a guest role as Ra’uf on Bates-Motel The following year, he appeared as James Dent in an episode of the Canadian police procedural drama series, Motive

His next film appearance was in Lost After Dark. That same year he also added another film role in The Blackburn Asylum, as well as two more TV roles to his resume. He then had a recurring role on The Returnee as Hunter Gibbs and played Lonnie Machin/Anarky on the fourth and fifth seasons of CW Arrow Alexander Calvert also had roles in the films; Blackburn (2015) alongside Lochlyn Munro, The Verge of Seventeen (2016) and The Package (2018).

He was cast in the TV series Our Dream of Canada as Josh in 2016 and also in the anthology slasher series, Scream In the season 12 finale of the dark fantasy TV series Supernatural, he got a guest role as the Nephilim, Jack Kline, the son of Lucifer, with Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles. Coming into its 13th season, it was bumped up to a series regular on the hit show.

His family – parents

The Canadian actor was cautious, or rather tactical, enough to hide information about his family. He’d rather talk about his career than spill the beans of his inner community. Other than his younger sister, who we know as Rachel, there is no other name for a relationship in the media, including his parents.

Meanwhile, after he began appearing in Supernatural , fans and audiences were tricked into believing that fellow star, American actor, Misha Collins nee Dmitri Tippens Krushnic is his biological father. Perhaps because the onscreen costers are similar, but the only relationship between them is in the realm of acting.

Still in family matters. Alexander Calvert has reportedly tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, South African actress and model Jenna Berman. He also has a pet cat named Lord Tyrion who has his own Instagram page.


He is 1.77 meters tall and weighs 75 kg. His perfectly chiseled structure and fine physique are enhanced by his blue eyes and brown hair. When he’s not acting, he takes photos and does yoga.

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