Adrian Paul – Bio, Wife, Net worth, Age, Daughter, Where is he now?

Adrian Paul is a multifaceted American entertainer of Italian and English descent, best known for his portrayal of Duncan MacLeod on the television series Highlander: The Series (1992-1998) among numerous other works. In addition to his work on screen, the actor, who began his career as a dancer, choreographer and model, has since branched out into directing and producing film and television series. Read on to learn more about his early life, career, relationship history, and income.

Biography (Age)

On May 29, 1959 in London, England, Adrian Paul Hewett was born, the eldest of three boys born to his Italian mother and British father. As a child, Paul is said to have been a very good dancer as he also tried to become a professional soccer player. He played football at a semi-professional level for Cray Wanderers in London’s Spartan League between 1976 and 1978 before later deciding to abandon his sporting dreams to concentrate on dancing and choreography.

In 1985, Paul left England for the United States to pursue a career in dance and modeling. During his time, he took acting classes from famed drama teachers Ivana Chubbuck and Roy London and has appeared in series such as The Colbys (1986) and Beauty and the Beast (1987), as well as the Broadway play, Bouncer (1987) and the film Last Unctions ( 1988) with Tom Berenger.

The following year, Adrian Paul, who by this point had garnered some rave reviews in Hollywood, landed a starring role in Roger Corman’s Mask of the Red Death (1989). Around the same time he became a series regular in the television series War of the Worlds (1989-1990) while appearing in films such as Murder She Wrote (1992) and Love Potion No. 9(1992) alongside young, aspiring actress, Sandra Bullock. His reputation as a hard-working actor further helped him land his breakthrough role on the international scene, that of Duncan MacLeod in Highlander: The Series (1992-1998). During his time on the series, Paul attempted directing as he directed four episodes, three of which were voted among the top ten episodes of the 119-episode series.

Other films and series Paul has appeared in include Merlin: The Return (1999), The Breeding (2001), The Nothing (2001), Tracker (2001-2002), Storm Watch (2002), Nemesis Game (2003 ), Thrushes (2005) and Seance (2006).

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Adrian Paul Net Worth (Income and Earnings)

Adrian Paul has an estimated net worth of $500,000. The Ghost of Roanoke (2007) actor, who was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Action Star in November 2000, made his fortune through his career on camera as well as others behind and off the camera. In addition to his work as a film and television producer, Paul has worked as a model, dancer and choreographer.

Family – wife, daughter

Adrian Paul is currently in his second marriage. In 1990, the actor married his first wife, actress Meilani Figalan, best known for being one of the Pepsi women who endorsed Ray Charles in commercials and for her roles in films such as The Karate Kid Part III (1989), Long Shot (2001) and The Butterfly Effect (2004). Paul and Figalan’s marriage lasted about seven years until they divorced in 1997.

Paul entered into a relationship with costume designer Alexandra Tonelli in the years that followed. The couple dated for a few years before they exchanged vows in 2009. They then welcomed two children into the world. a daughter named Angelisa Valentina Rose Paul who was born in 2009 and a son named Royce Paul who was born in 2012.

Where is he now?

Adrian Paul is very involved with his charity, The Peace Fund, which he founded in 1997. He works to improve the myriad of issues facing children around the world today by speaking with other organizations, celebrities and the public to find a collective solution.

Paul is also active as a producer through his film company Filmblips. He also works as a consultant for the film production company Inn Europe.

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