Aaron Rodgers Wife, Girlfriend, Brother, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Gay

There are a thousand and one cool American footballers, but only a handful of them are as entertaining and impressive as Aaron Rodgers.

While his incredible records and successful transition from fulcrum to quarterback position authenticated that Rodgers is one of the best and most versatile players in football, his particular touchdown celebration has earned him the love and admiration of fans of soccer around the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a Rodgers fan, you’ll enjoy the celebration that Rodgers and his teammates call the “championship belt.” Every time the footballer scores a rushing touchdown, he gestures around his waist, moving his hands as if tying a championship belt around his waist.

While Green Bay Packers fans now use the gesture to taunt their opponents, promising they would be crushed on the field, the celebration was popularized when State Farm Insurance decided to feature it in its Discount Double Check commercials.

Being a quarterback for the National Football League’s (NFL) Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers could boast many fantastic career records, including the only quarterback in league history to record more than 100 passer ratings in six seasons; consecutively from 2009 to 2014. If you check the records, you will find that no other quarterback has been able to accomplish this feat in more than four consecutive seasons. The man ranks first in NFL history with a rating of over 100 in seven seasons spanning from 2009 to 2016.

Regardless, Aaron threw the most 38 TD passes in NFL history. He did it four times. Additionally, he is one of only four quarterbacks in NFL history to record two seasons with 40+ TD assists. The others are Drew Brees, Dan Marion and Peyton Manning. So far, only Rodgers has thrown more than 40 TD passes with seven or fewer INTs in a season. He achieved this feat first in 2011 when he made 45/6 and again in 2016 (40/7).

Aaron has other notable records which have seen him named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player multiple times. The Packers selected Rodgers in the 2005 NFL Draft. It is known that his excellent career in college football with the California Golden Bears allowed him to be drafted in the first round.

Rodgers’ early life, parents, brother and family

Rodger’s parents, Edward Wesley Rodgers and DarlaLeigh had him on December 2, 1983 in Chico, California. Although not much is known about the footballer’s mother, it is known that his father played for the Chico State Wildcats for about 3 years from 1973 to 1976.

Still a child, Aaron moved with his family to Ukiah. He got his first formal education there. It is said that his father encouraged him to become an athlete. He would play football with Aaron and his brothers, urging them to do whatever would make them better athletes than him. The family would later move back to Chico where Aaron attended Pleasant Valley High School and eventually graduated in 2002.

Aaron has two brothers, Luke and Jordan. Their ethnicity has been traced to include German, Irish and English. Of the two brothers, Jordan is the more popular. Like his older brother Aaron, Jordan was once a professional quarterback. He last played for the BC Lions in the Canadian Football League and is now a sportscaster.

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Aaron Rodgers net worth

Isn’t it needless to point out that a large volume of Aaron Rodger’s net worth comes from his football career? The man is considered one of the highest paid athletes in the world. It was in 2013 that he signed a 5-year, $110 million deal which saw him emerge as the highest paid player in the NLF. The deal gave Rodgers a $35 million signing bonus. It also saw him make $62.5 million in the first three years.

Beyond his football salary, Aaron Rodgers has pocketed a huge sum by endorsing Nike and its aforementioned advertisements. While Forbes listed Aaron’s salary at $11.6 million and his benefits income at $7.5 million, the Quarterback’s wealth is estimated to be worth $30 million. We have yet to prove this.

Wife, girlfriend or gay?



Aaron has no wife and has never been married. That doesn’t make him gay, does it? Well, as far as we can tell, the man is straight and not sexually attracted to his own gender. This is true regardless of whether he has been outspoken about respecting others’ sexual orientation.

In fact, the man since 2014 has been romantically linked to Olivia Munn, an actress. Recently, in 2018, he was spotted with Danica Patrick, an American racing driver. Apparently they were on a trip together and are in love.

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