Is Matthew Underwood related to Carrie Underwood, why was he arrested?

Matthew Underwood is a famous actor for various reasons. The versatile young man is an accomplished model, an educator, a philanthropist and a sports enthusiast. His acting career began on the set of Do It in 2002, however, his big break came with his role as Logan Reese in the famous Nickelodeon show entitled Zoey 101. Matthew started modeling before he was out of diapers with his acting career, before he turned a year old. During his formative years, the young talent developed a passionate interest in water sports and skillfully worked to practice sports such as wake boarding, kite surfing, barefoot water skiing, skateboarding, surfing as well as parasailing.

It was only after he moved to Los Angeles that his career as a professional actor began. To date, the Zoey 101 star has had multiple roles in multiple television series and films. Notable among his TV roles is 2004’s Method & Red where he played Bully in a single episode. Mathew was on the set of E-Venture Kids the next year in 2005, portraying the character of Matt, and he also had a cameo appearance in an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. His film credit includes Reality Night Horror in 2009 as Matthew. He was part of the cast of Casper’s Scare School as Thatch and appeared in Web Journey,Both were released in the same year in 2006. Others include The Puppet which cast him in 2004 and The Wish Matthew Underwood uses his popularity to help society by serving as an educator for the youth. He has also done so many charity projects around the world.

Background information on Matthew Underwood

His given name is Mathew Dillon Underwood and he was born on April 23, 1990 in Fort Pierce, Florida, United States of America. His zodiac sign is Taurus and he is a US citizen as indicated by his country of birth. Although his parents’ occupations are unknown, they have been identified as Jerry Wayne Underwood and Patricia Underwood. The young actor spent his formative years in his birthplace alongside three siblings – a sister named Rebecca Underwood and a pair of brothers named Joshua and Jacob Underwood.

His educational background and qualifications have never burst into the limelight, but his career has been widely publicized, particularly with his modeling career, which began when he was just six months old. Matthew Underwood served as an educator on a youth theater program run at the Rose Alley Theater and has taught a good number of youth on subjects such as arts, environmental programs and culture. He is also a part of the American Tennis Youth League and his passion for helping disadvantaged people has taken him to different parts of the world helping to build shelters for disadvantaged people.

Matthew Underwood also works as a youth talents guide, as he often exercises as an acting coach, helping them stay open-minded and reach great heights with their never-ending fantasies.

Is he related to Carrie Underwood?

Yes, Matthew Underwood and Carrie Underwood are blood relatives, they happen to be first cousins ​​with their two fathers Steve and Wayne Underwood who come from the same family. Carrie is herself a renowned country singer, songwriter and actress who has won multiple Grammys. The first three albums she released went multi-platinum following her success as a 2005 American Idol winner.

Why was Matthew Underwood arrested?

Matthew Underwood cultivated a lot of bad press in April 2012 when he was arrested for possession of hard drugs, specifically cannabis and its paraphernalia. He was also charged with contributing to the criminal offense of a minor. When the cops stormed his apartment. They discovered hard drugs and a young girl aged 17. According to the actor, he spent the night with the girl in the master’s bedroom and provided her with cannabis.

Matthew didn’t learn the obvious from his first experience because he was arrested for a second time in November 2012. This time, however, he was caught outside his hookah lounge for defying probation for cannabis possession. 

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