David Packouz: Wife, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Daughter

War Dogs was one of the most critically acclaimed movies that did well too. Guns and ammo seem like cool and entertaining things in the movie.

But when it comes to real life, it tends to seem scarier. Well, we’re talking in this article about a person who made a major arms deal in America’s history – alongside his friend, and the person is David Packouz

David is also the founder of Singular Sound , a technology company that empowers musicians to create better music. He revealed many ideas and philosophies through his immersion in various fields.

On deck, you will learn in detail about David Packouz’s wife, career, net worth and children. Stay with us!!

David Packouz: Quick Facts

FULL NAME David Mordechai Packouz
DATE OF BIRTH 1982/02/16
AGE 39 years old
MOTHER Shoshana
DAD Rabbi Kalman Packouz
PLACE OF BIRTH St. Louis, Missouri, USA
PROFESSION former American arms dealer, musician, inventor and entrepreneur
FILM DEBUT war dogs
HEIGHT 5’57”
ONLINE PRESENCE Twitter and Instagram
CHILDREN Anabelle Jeanne
NET VALUE $10 million

David Packouz Wife And Children

David Packouz has kept his wife out of the public eye along with plenty of details about his personal life. We think David is definitely a married man, and with her he has a beautiful daughter, Amabelle Jeanne, who was born in February 2007

There is no definite information about the wife of David Packouz, who has kept herself out of the limelight. He may have divorced his wife, but without any reliable source, we cannot confirm that he is already divorced!

Girlfriend of David Packouz

According to sources, David and his partner Efraim Diveroli used to consume drugs slowly. Nevertheless, no information has been found as to whether or not he had a romance with any of these girls.

But his life-based film ‘ War Dogs ‘ depicts that he had fallen in love with a girl named Iz , the mother of his child, Amabelle Jane.

Although David never mentioned Iz. So, it has not yet been revealed whether he is a fictional character or a real character.

brief description

David Mordechai Packouz is an American former arms dealer, musician, businessman and inventor. Also, David Packouz is a known actor for Dogs of War in 2016 and Dogs of War: Granted Access in 2016 He joined Diveroli’s arms company AEY Inc with Efraim Diveroli when he was 23 years old.

In 2016 , Jonas Hill and Miles Teller brought War Dogs to life on screen as weed-smoking, gun-wielding movie counterparts. He loves music and the environment of music.

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He is of white ethnicity and holds English nationality. According to his year of birth, he is 39 years old.

Waist and body measurements

David was born in the United States and spent most of his childhood there. Even at this age, he is still secure with his job and his relationships. He stands at the height of 5’7″ and weighs 77 kg.

The muscular-looking individual mainly does gym work, which keeps him fit. To complete the physical outlook, he has a bald head with glowing blue eyes.

Early childhood and education

David Packouz celebrated his birthday on February 16, 1982 , in St Louis, Missouri, United States, to Rabbi Kalman Packouz and Shoshana Packouz

As for his educational background, he attended the University of Florida in 2002 to move on to Miami Dade College in 2003. What most readers might not know is the fact that David is a licensed massage therapist.


David Packouz is currently CEO of Singular Sound , a music technology company. As a guitarist and singer in a retirement home, Packouz broke into the film.

AEY Inc. has been awarded a nearly $300 million federal contract to supply 100 million rounds of AK-47 ammunition. Also, millions of rounds for SVD Dragunov sniper rifles , aviation rockets , and other ammunition to the Afghan Army in 2007.

Plus, the year 2005 saw its foundation set for something big for sure. He joined the arms company AEY Inc.. This changed things for the man as they got many contracts together.

Things were going well when Chinese ammunition was banned. Lack of product delivery and poor quality led them to fail in the ammunition providence. All of this has recently created chaos and also made them cover the newspaper.

Personal life of David Packouz

The company David worked for won 149 contracts worth around $10.5 million by the end of 2006

When Packouz was 25 and Diveroli was 20 , AEY came to the ammunition deal — the U.S. military began revising its procurement procedures.

David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli

According to the wiki, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli were high school friends. Efraim was the founder and president of the company, AEY Incorporated, while David was the vice president.

In 2005 , Efraim offered David to join his company, and at the age of 19 , David happily accepted the offer.

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The duo’s business achieved great success after working together. The company began to cover the source of the ammunition by repackaging and renaming it, which was substandard and shoddy.

When the US government discovered that AEY Incorporated had repackaged crumbs in 2011, they investigated Efraim and David.

Efraim pleaded guilty and was charged with fraud on several dozen counts, which earned him four years in prison.


David Packouz became famous for all the wrong reasons. So it is priceless.

He created Singular Sound Company, but he hasn’t received any awards yet. With his work, we hope to see him receive awards in the future.

Net worth of David Packouz

Packouz secured a massive ammunition deal from the U.S. government worth nearly $300 million He and his friend had already won several contracts earning over $10.5 million in revenue from their business.

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Although the $300 million case became the focus of media attention and landed him in jail. It is believed that he could keep a substantial part of his income from the business after settling his legal issues.

Some sources claim that he possesses the value of 2 million dollars Even though there is proper information about net worth, nothing about annual income and assets is available. Being legally charged sometimes makes it too secretive about the money account.

Social media reach

Packouz may be one of the most unusual names in entertainment and business, but surely there is more to him which can be known through his social media accounts. Fans can follow him.

Instagram – 12.2k followers

Twitter – 2262 followers


What happened to David Packouz?

David changed the direction of his life to become a successful musician. According to information from his Twitter account, he owns a music company called BeatBuddy.

What happened to Bashkim in War Dogs?

In the cinema war, Albanian driver Bashkim is missing and presumed dead.

Have the dogs of war really arrived?

War Dog is a true story. Many details about David Packouz, played by Jonah Hill and Efraim Diveroil, played by Miles Teller are real.

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