All MTN Data Plans, Prices & Codes

MTN is, without a doubt, Nigeria’s leading mobile network service provider. According to NCC data, the company has the largest number of subscribers. MTN has revised its data plans in recent years, changing the names and costs of existing programs while also adding new ones.

One of the advantages of signing up for any of MTN’s data plans is that the company offers the best coverage in the country. As a result, you can almost always count on finding the MTN network wherever you go. It’s no surprise that the company’s tagline is “Everywhere you Go.”

The high cost of data makes purchasing data in Nigeria a serious difficulty for most people. MTN recognizes this difficulty and has devised plans for everyone, regardless of social level. Overall, MTN data plans are pretty reasonable when compared to the perks you will receive.

MTN Data Plans, Rates, and Codes

MTN offers a number of data options, as previously indicated. The corporation has divided its data plans into many groups. Data plans are available on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. To make life easier for its users, they provide social media packages and night browsing subscriptions. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of all of MTN’s key data plans for you. The data plans, rates, and activation codes are listed in the table below.

40MB ₦50 1 day (24 hrs.). *131*114#
100MB ₦100 1 day (24 hrs.). *131*104#
1GB ₦300 1 day (24 hrs.). *131*155#
250MB ₦200 2 days (48 hrs.). Available on the MTN app.
2GB ₦500 2 days (48 hrs.). *131*154#
2.5GB ₦500 2 days (48 hrs.). Available on the MTN app.
200MB ₦200 3 days (72 hrs.). *131*113#
750MB ₦300 3 days (72 hrs.). MTN Pulse subscribers only: *406#
350MB + 350MB for YouTube. ₦300 1 wk (7 days). *131*102#
1GB + 1GB for YouTube. ₦500 1 wk (7 days). *131*142#
2GB + 2GB for YouTube. ₦1,000 1 wk (7 days). *131*105#
6GB ₦1,500 1 wks (7 days). *131*143#
750MB + 1GB for YouTube. ₦500 2 wks (14 days). *131*103#
1.5GB + 2GB for YouTube ₦1,000 1 month (30 days). *131*106#
2GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦1.200 1 month (30 days). *131*130#
3GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦1,500 1 month (30 days). *131*131#
4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦2,000 1 month (30 days). *131*110#
6GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦2,500 1 month (30 days). *131*147#
10GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦3,000 1 month (30 days). Available on the MTN app.
12GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦3,500 1 month (30 days) *131*107#
14GB ₦4,000 1 month (30 days). Available on the MTN app.
20GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦5,000 1 month (30 days). *131*116#
25GB ₦6,000 1 month (30 days). Available on the MTN app.
30GB ₦6,000 1 month (30 days). Available on the MTN app.
40GB ₦10,000 1 month (30 days). *131*117#
75GB ₦15,000 1 month (30 days). *131*150#
120GB ₦20,000 1 month (30 days). *131*149#
200GB ₦30,000 1 month (30 days). Available on the MTN app.
30GB ₦8,000 2 months (60 days). *131*119#
35GB ₦8,000 2 months (60 days). Available on the MTN app.
100GB ₦20,000 2 months (60 days). *131*118#
160GB ₦30,000 2 months (60 days). *131*138#
400GB ₦50,000 3 months (90 days). *131*133#
600GB ₦75,000 3 months (90 days). *131*134#
800GB ₦90,000 6 months (180 days). *131*115#
1TB ₦100,000 1 year (365 days) *131*136#
2.5TB ₦250,000 1 year (365 days) Available on the MTN app.
4.5TB ₦450,000 1 year (365 days) *131*137#

How to Make Your MTN Line Work for Internet Browsing

Do you have a new MTN SIM or a new phone, and you’ve just inserted your MTN SIM but can’t get online? It’s possible that you haven’t activated your MTN SIM to browse on your device properly. Note that any internet-enabled mobile handset can connect to the MTN network and access the internet. To connect to the internet with MTN, you can also utilize an internet router or internet modem.

When you attach your MTN SIM, your smartphone should usually start browsing. You’ll initially receive a message from MTN with recommended internet settings. Simply save this message, and your device will immediately install the settings. What happens if you don’t receive the message?

You can manually obtain it from MTN by texting SETTINGS to 3888 on your handset. MTN will respond with the necessary settings, which you can save and install. It is possible to manually activate internet browsing if you like. Check out the options below:

MTN GPRS is the account name. is the name of the access point. is the IP address.

8080 (HTML) or 9201 (other) (for WAP)

web is the user name.

web as a password

Except if your device only supports “WAP,” you should always configure Port as “8080.” When you buy a browsing device (smartphone, tablet, router, or modem) from an MTN service center, it usually comes preconfigured.

A 3.5G FastLink MTN USB modem costs around N5,000 and can be purchased from any MTN service center. GPRS/EDGE/3G is also supported by this gadget. One of the advantages of getting this device is that MTN will provide you with a certain amount of free data for the first six months of use.

The portable Wi-Fi router is another device that you can use to connect to the internet through MTN. This device is useful if you need to share the internet with multiple devices at the same time. With the router, you may share your internet with up to five devices as long as they are within a 10-meter range. MTN names this device the MTN Mi-Fi, and it costs N21,000 to buy. On your first subscription, you’ll get 3GB of free data. By texting MIFI to 131, you can enable browsing on this smartphone.

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